Tailored marketing plans

So what happens when you contact us at Coni? Well the first thing we do is arrange an initial consultation. We’ll visit you at your business, free of charge, to find out as much as we can about what you do, your customers and your marketing objectives.

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It’s always useful to get an idea of your budget too. We understand how important cost is to small businesses and we work hard to deliver value for money. (It’s one Ballymena stereotype we’re happy to live up to…)

Based on our discussion we will produce a costed proposal for the marketing support you need. Some of the marketing tools we use are explained on our Services page.

We’ll discuss this with you in detail, then the next step is up to you…
  • We can provide a full delivery service (on a per project or retained basis)
  • We can provide a helping hand service.

Full delivery

If you don’t feel comfortable, or have the time, to implement your marketing plan we can manage it all for you. We will be your marketing department. We work with our established network of suppliers and freelancers (all small businesses too who understand the importance of value for money) to deliver your plan.
  • You won’t have any of the hassle
  • We will do all the legwork for you.
  • But we’ll keep you up-to-date; and
  • You will approve everything.

The full delivery service can be provided on a project by project basis but some of our customers also use Coni on a retained basis, for a set number of hours each month.

Retained marketing service

All small and medium-sized businesses would benefit hugely from a consistent, strategic focus on their marketing needs. If you simply don’t have the time but know you need marketing support, our retained service is the perfect solution. We can provide an alternative to employing a dedicated marketing person within your business which offers experience and skills at a much more affordable cost.

We can provide an agreed number of hours per month to your company on a retained basis to help make sure your marketing budget is being used to get the best results. Each month/quarter (whatever makes the most sense) we agree a work plan with you which is based on your business needs.

The advantages of the retained marketing service are:
  • you can concentrate on your business delivery knowing that the marketing side of things is getting the attention it requires;
  • you don't need to add to your company head count and all that involves;
  • we can provide as many or as few hours as your business needs in a month (our average is around 10 hours a month per customer but this is totally flexible);
  • you get the benefit of our years of experience and expertise, but much more cost effectively than recruiting someone;
  • we will look strategically at your immediate and long-term marketing needs;
  • we can provide a full pr service as well as managing your other marketing activity (lots of people in the market only specialise in pr or marketing - we do both); and
  • we can be flexible around your needs.

So don't ignore the fact that your business needs to focus more on marketing to increase its profits, just contact us to see what we can do for you.

Helping hand

Alternatively if you want to handle your marketing yourself, our helping hand service is what you need. We’ll help you consider the proposed plan, prioritise your actions, and decide how you want to move forward.

Then we can either handle any element of the plan for you or provide you with training to equip you with the skills to handle it yourself.

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Our service is totally flexible and can be tailored according to your level of need. And it doesn’t matter what size your business is.

We think small and medium businesses are just as entitled to professional marketing support as large ones; that’s why we’re here.
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Coni listened to what I wanted to achieve and gave me sound advice. Their service was responsive & efficient....
Davy Wilson, Freight Partnership