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We were really pleased with the reliable and professional service we received from Coni to get our business on line…
Philip Caldwell,

A sensible, cost-effective marketing service that delivers results

We provide marketing, communications and promotional advice and support to small and medium-sized businesses in Northern Ireland to help grow their customers, sales and profits.

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Fax Marketing, also known as Faxing, Fax mailing, fax broadcast or massive faxing consist on using the faxing canal as a mean of direct marketing to communicate quickly and practically simultaneously with our business customers or potential customers, with the objective of increasing sales of our company, attracting new customers or loyalty to existing ones. Fax mailing is basically used for intercompany communications, B2B (Business to Business)

Coni Marketing can help. We believe that the size of your business shouldn’t be a barrier to getting professional marketing support. So just think of us as your marketing team!

We provide an unbiased and uncomplicated marketing service based on our years of experience which is:
  • Professional
  • Impartial
  • Sensible
  • Affordable
We’re a small business too. So we understand the challenges you face. Wherever you are in your business life, or whatever your objectives, we can provide a tailored marketing service that best meets your needs.

The key to online success

Most people will tell you that having a groundbreaking idea, like coming up with the new Facebook, or having the best design on your web will get you to the top.
Well, allow me to disagree, while having a good design and making the surf easy to browse for the users is certainly good, that is not the key to online success, content is.
Your design won't get you anywhere if you can't keep the users around, not to mention that search engines don't really care about your website design, all they care about is content content content.
You want to deliver fresh and relevant content, so search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo will index you and that way users will have an easier time finding you.
Having a good source of content is a must for us, that's why we highly recommend hiring a ghost writer before hiring a designer!

Find out more about how it works and what we do, or contact us for a no-obligation chat.
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